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Strong Beer Game is the key to Success!

I’ll have the triple black Belgium IPA please! There is no denying the shift in the beer world today it has dramatically grown and shifted over the last ten years. With over 5,000 breweries and brewpubs in the United States alone there is no denying the craft beer movement. Recently, you have major players like Constellations Brands, Miller/Coors, Anheiser Busch, and Heineken purchasing craft breweries across the country only solidifying the movement. The Craft Beer movement continues with a hop filled momentum and is going to continue for years to come.

Here are 5 helpful rules to having a strong beer game!

  1. Tap Balance is everything! When picking your beer line-up, it is key to have a balance of styles and track the sales trends. Yes, there is no denying the craft beer is hot, but realize that over 80% of all beer sales are still domestic drafts. Sorry bro, but people still enjoy an ice-cold Coors light. So when creating your line up, make sure you have a balance between Domestic, Light, IPA, Lagers, Stouts, etc. It is about having options, that’s how the craft beer movement started in the first place. Balance is everything, especially after you have had a couple beers!

  2. Train your team! Staff Education is key! Why serve a beer that no one in your bar knows anything about? Your guests have become more educated and so should your staff. The cool part about this incredible beer movement is that it gives your staff an extra avenue to connect with your guest. Craft beer is typically more expensive, so that equates to more tips. Lean on your local reps and breweries to help you with staff education, all you have to do is ask.

  3. Glassware, Glassware, Glassware! If you didn’t get it the first three times, glassware is important! Not only to wow your guests with the perfect pour in a beer clean glass, but also from a profitability standpoint. Craft beer prices are all over the board on price, IBU, and ABV. Please don’t pour IPA that is 10% ABV in a tall glass, its not only irresponsible but your pouring profits away. Educate yourself on what glassware to use and how to properly clean it for that malty liquid deliciousness.

  4. Have to have a little rotation in your life! If balance is key, so is the rotation of that balanced lineup. I mean that’s how over 20,000 brews came about to begin with! This is simple, change it up, rotate beers out, it keeps the lineup fresh. Your guests want that, otherwise they wouldn’t be into craft beer in the first place. This also gives you great insight to what brands are most profitable and well received by your guests.

  5. “Uhh, Can I see a menu?” Now that you have followed rules 1 through 4, it is time to showcase your beer game. There is no better way to do that then a quality beer menu. Include a description, ABV, IBU, and brewery origin. Simple right? Conversation starter right? No sense it going through this if you are not going have something to put into your guest’s hands. There are plenty of great websites out there to help you create the ultimate beer menu!

Cheers to selling a copious amount of frothy brews!


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